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Umpah 21/09/2018


Our next podcast instalment comes from the London based Mode FM show host and Jon E Clayface’s DJ, Umpah.


Tell us more about what’s been going down so far for Umpah for 2018?

So far this year I have taken on my own solo show (The Dirty South Show) on Mode FM as well as juggling with the Hexagon Dubs show. I have also been busy working on my first solo EP. I Recently dropped a track on the new Hexagon EP Hex002 via KIP Promotions. As well as that i have played at Keep Hush and have done a set for No Hats No Hoods as part of a documentary for AfterJourney alongside Cadell /Faultz / Blakie / Scrufizzer / Yizzy. In between all that I also DJ for Jon E Clayface and have played various other shows up and down the country.


How did you all end up getting involved in Hexagon Dubs and what else can we expect in the pipeline?

I got caught up with Hexagon Dubs around 6/7 years back when I was just starting to mess around with production/DJing. It all sprouted when we linked up together and found we were all mental for a similar sound. Since that point we have been mixing across various stations like Dubstep FM, Rood FM, Radar, Deja, and Mode FM as well as releasing some EP’s. We also have plenty of Hexagon dubplates on lockdown so you can expect plenty more from us in the future.


Give us some of favourite mixing kit etc at the moment and why?

Personally nothing can beat a pair of Technic 1210’s but I have recently purchased a Pioneer XDJ-RX which works perfect for me as I receive an alarming amount of new music that I used to find tricky to manage when I had to burn CD’s for my old Pioneer CDJ 800’s.


Where do you see the instrumental sound of Grime going over the next few year?

I see a massive market for Grime instrumentals right now especially with the amount of hungry new talent coming through. Mode FM is still very much pushing a various array of new grime producers and events like Beat Boss & Mukky so I would very much say Grime is not dead. However it is also still very taboo in the mainstream and it still gets a lot of bad press. I hope in the next few years Grime won’t feel as much heat on its neck in order to progress especially in clubs!

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