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Trends 28/10/2018


Our next podcast instalment and interview comes courtesy of the UK Grime producer & DJ, Trends.


We’ve heard you’re dropping a 10 track album in collaboration with Boylan, tell us more.

Yeah, it’s a 12 track album titled “Bedlam” which will be available as a double vinyl as well as digital. Due for release 23rd November 2018 on my label Mean Streets Recs. This album has been in the pipelines for a while, following the success of Krueger, Boylan and I had a number of other tracks that we felt would hit just as hard. We also saw it as an opportunity to work with some of our friends and well respected artists in the scene such as Riko Dan, Slimzee, Spooky, P Jam and Terror Danjah.


Tell us about some of the nights you guys have lined up for the remainder of 2018.

We’re doing the first part of the album launch party in Glasgow on the 30th November 2018. The second part is in conjunction with Pyro Radio at Boxpark in December 2018. After asking the fans on Twitter where else they’d like the “Bedlam” tour to land, we’re planning some more dates in other cities.

Trends Grime DJ Podcast

What first drew you in the DJ game, which artists etc inspired you to start spinning?

I’m glad you asked me that, I was actually a DJ long before I got into music production. I’ve been around music all my life, my Step Dad was part of a Reggae sound which I was drawn into from 6 years old. I was hooked from that moment but it was when I discovered Jungle in 1994 that inspired me to get my first pair of decks and start spinning. The first DJ’s I listened to were the likes of Hype, Mampi Swift, Ray Keith, Andy C, Kenny Ken and Mickey Finn (the list could go on!)


Where do you see the Grime instrumental/dubplate scene going over the next few years?

At this moment in time I feel it’s very strong and dominant which is healthy for the scene and I hope it continues. It’s showed that tracks can be popular on their own merit and artists from all over the UK are putting the work in. The balance is important, to have different styles that can compliment MC’s but also be standalone tracks.


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