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Phidizz 24/06/2019


Our latest podcast instalment and interview comes courtesy of the Midlands MC and rapper, Phidizz.

Phidizz is a well respected name on the Midlands rap scene. After recently dropping ‘Pain & Passion’ with Leicester’s Maniscooler, Phidizz has also previously released exclusives via SBTV as well as gaining air play from the likes of BBC Radio 1 & 1Xtra. As well as a little catch up with Top Boy Media, Phidizz also put together a track list for us, including tracks from himself, Trippie Red & Xxxtentacion, mixed together by TBM’s very own TAY.


Tell us what’s been going down so far this year for Phidizz?

It’s been a great year for me so far. I started working with Yasin and the team at HQ a few months ago, and I recently signed with them, which has opened up all sorts of unexpected doors for me. On top of the numerous well received releases that I’ve put out this year, I’ve been doing as much work in the community as I can. This has involved anti-knife crime projects, talks with the BBC, and a live event with the Prince’s Trust. I’m always looking to get involved in any way that I can with stuff like this. I’ve also been busy perfecting my live set, ready for festival season!


How did you originally get involved in the UK scene and what artists did you look up to in the early days?

My uncle Bluntz was a sound engineer. When I was 8 he took me to a studio and gave me 10 subjects to write about before I could even step foot in the booth. I was influenced by shxdow, 2pac, Biggie, D Block and many other American artists. I have been influenced by those guys from the start and try to incorporate that sound into what i’m doing, while staying true to my British roots.

Phidizz Midlands rapper

The UK scene is massive at the moment, where do you see the sound progressing over the next 5 years?

I see myself becoming an international sensation and touring the world! That’s the plan anyway. I feel my sound can be worldwide and diverse. I cover a lot of ground musically and thematically, and I’m always trying new things, trying to better myself each time. I want to captivate the world. Pioneering unheard talent and building a platform for under privileged kids and artists as a way to express themselves and escape negative life experiences is also important to me, especially because of things that have happened in my past.


Where can we catch you over this years summer festival season?

This year I’m going on tour with ‘Big In Di Manor’ which is going to be HARD!! 5 tour dates in major cities across the UK alongside some other well-established artists. I’m also playing at Big John’s Birmingham Mela on 28th July 2019, as well as a few other dates across the Midlands.


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