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MistaKay 15/03/2018


We caught up with the grime producer, MistaKay, for the next instalment of our podcast series with plenty of remixes and ‘Mista’ beats.

Even if you know the tiniest thing about the grime instrumental and production scene, MistaKay is most certainly a name you have already probably heard of. From making tunes for adidas campaigns to supplying the beats for Red Bull’s ‘Grime-a-side’ MC tournament, MistaKay is a talented producer to keep your eyes on. His sounds have been heard everywhere from BT Sports to BBC Radio 1 to Lipton Ice adverts alongside ongoing collaborations from DJ’s and MC’s. MistaKay’s “RETROSPECTIVE” EP will be available to download from 13th April 2018 from all major streaming platforms.


OK so first of all give the readers at TBM a little run down about how you got involved with the scene?

I came into the scene putting loads of instrumentals on my soundcloud page in 2015/16 and constantly sending the tunes out to DJ’s. A lot of MC’s then released their vocal versions and that helped spread my sound too. Big up everyone that’s supported my music since then!


Your music has been used in a variety of media campaigns and adverts from adidas to BT Sport, what would you say has been your proudest moment so far and why?

I’ve been lucky enough to experience a lot of moments that make me proud, and on a human level – my daughters birth has got to be up there as number one. Musically my proudest moment is probably when Jamal Edwards invited me to do a producer series on SBTV, that’s the moment when I thought wow, legendary people are taking me seriously and helping me to move forward.


Who have you enjoyed working with the most from MC’s to producers and DJ’s.

Recently, producer wise I’ve worked with Conducta, DJ Cable & Westy – these 3 have all been wicked, you know – when the music just comes together naturally. DJ wise I have to big up people like Sian Anderson, Spyro, Kirby T & Slimzee for spinning my riddims from the early days, stuff like that isn’t forgotten, those 3 names and a couple others opened up a lot of peoples ears to my sound and for that I’m thankful. MC wise I’ve really enjoyed working with Discarda at Red Bull Studio’s for our joint project, we’ve got a whole bunch of tunes all on a completely different vibe and with some sick features from Harry Shotta, Kamakaze, The Manor, Pepper Rose, BeBe V, Tommy B, Snowy, Little Dee & probably more by the time we finish it. I really enjoyed doing that project because of how sick the studio is at Red Bull, how safe Discarda is in respects of bringing through young artists such as myself and encouraging me to experiment in other styles and sounds for the project. Also recently I’ve done a tune with Adam Deacon, I’ve enjoyed that because I’ve grown up watching him in films and done my research a few times into his music on the internet. Again, proper safe guy and the tune came together in a matter of hours. Organic & natural good vibes win all round.


What’s next in the pipeline for 2018 for Mistakay?

I’ve just finished an official remix of “Andro – Liar” which will probably be out by the time this interview comes out. That’s vibes. On Friday 13th of April I’ve also got a project dropping called “Retrospective”, It’s a 5 track EP and the theme is a sort of throwback sound. Each track represents my favourite era’s and phases of Grime/Garage. For example there’s a track on there called “2006” and it sounds like something I’d hunt down the name of if I heard it on an old set. That project will be dropping on iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp etc.I really like the sound of the whole project and hope the listeners do too.
I have a vinyl release coming in April / May too, big up Low Tide Recordings over in America for that opportunity. The reason behind that vinyl release is that all four tracks on there will never be released as MP3’s, and they are all ones that DJ’s championed for me when I first started making my mark in the scene. “Epoch Riddim” is the main track on there for me as it’s the one I get asked about the most. Keep an eye out for that.

The joint project with Discarda will be released at some point in the summer, I’m excited about that. It’s sick.bOther than that, I’ll be making beats as always, but this year I’m patterning up releases properly. I aim to work closely with my favourite MC’s to put out some vocal singles on my own label this year.

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