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TBM Talks JME Collabs, New Tracks & OG Grime With Maxsta


In this latest interview we caught up with the UK Grime artist, Maxsta, on the back off of his latest track ‘Take A Chance’.

2019 looks like its been a massive year so far for Maxsta, what else is going down for the rest of the year?

Basically man, I’m dropping two more vocal projects and also a beat project. I’m producing songs for other people working, with new grime artists and Inch from Section Boyz. I’ve had all sorts of people askinf for my beats from Grime MC’s to D Block Europe so I’m taking that in my stride! There’s a lot of stuff I want to do so I’m just making sure to put in the work everyday because of course it’s all easier said than done! I’m on top of it though! I recently got a free keyboard from Native Instruments, they sent me that to my house and I felt like I had made it haha so I’m looking at how I can get to actually work with them. I’m co producing some stuff for some big UK rappers with my boy Young Chencs who produced a few of Yxng Bane’s 2019 tracks. I’ve also got a beat coming out in a film, an actual film! So yeah without saying too much I’m about to do this whole DJ Mitch 7 thing on the side where it’s like Disclosure or Calvin Harris etc, UK dance vibes mixed with a grimey sound and I get singers and rappers on tracks. I’m busy right now!


How did the recent JME collab come about?

Well I’ve known JME for some time now man, it slipped my memory up until recently that when I first came in the game around 2010 I used to actually email JME for advice on music related things and he’d really take time out to respond and tell me what was left from right with certain things. JME is a G man. So I dunno, I don’t really force things I like to just do what comes naturally a lot of the time and with that being said he bumped into my cousin in late 2017 and said yeah man I’d do a song with Maxsta. This was around the time I dropped the King Dizzee tune and he had shown me love about that already on the internet so I just kinda waited till it was time for me to do a song with him because you know, these guys are the legends man. I cant waste those cards. I took that song seriously for real so yeah when the vibe came along whilst I was making beats one day in like march 2018 I thought yeah this sounds like the JME tune for real, this is it, he’s going to like this definitely. So I just finished the beat, wrote the lyrics, put the vocals on the track and sent it over to him. About a week or so later I got that mad email back from the man himself spitting over my instrumental! And now we’re here!


Going back to the OG Grime days who were the artists you always looked up to growing up?

Everyone In Roll Deep/Ruff Sqwad. A lot of other Grime artists but mainly those two crews man! Mainly those two.. also Kano!

Maxsta Grime Interview

“When I first came in the game around 2010 I used to actually email JME for advice on music related things and he’d really take time out to respond and tell me what was left from right with certain things.”


Talk us through your new tracks and who you have worked in the studio etc?

Basically on this new EP there’s five vocal tracks. I’ve got a lot of MC’s on here man. Tommy B, Yizzy, Manga, Capo Lee, Eyez , Renz, Grim Sickers, Coco, PK, SBK and last but not least Kamakaze! So the thing for me right now is just making vibes man and not thinking too much about the industry stuff. Just being in the real world experiencing things and letting all of that flow through me in the studio as it would. The first track is called ‘Determination’, it’s about everybody’s different journey and what determination means to them from that aspect. I actually made the beat for Mercston but I was making it and I just started hearing the lyrics in my head! So I’m definitely gonna cook something crazy for my brother Mercs but differently.

I carefully selected the features just based on what I wanted to hear and who I thought would deliver it based on where there at in the game etc so, Tommy B, Yizzy and Manga are first up to the bat because I respect all of them for their determination within the game and obviously they sound sick. ‘Hustlers Prayer’ features Capo Lee and Eyez on this track I think I made the beat at like 160 BPM instead of 140 BPM because I just felt like doing that. My music is less genre based and more the fact that the Maxsta aesthetic is what I really want to shine through at this point. I was listening to a lot of Mobb Deep and Noreaga at the time so I think I just wanted a beat that I could spit fast on but then maybe slow down at certain sections of my verse and give them some different flavours. I picked Capo Lee and Eyez because they rap about hustling and they do it well so we just did that you feel me. Hustlers Prayer! The rest of the tape you’ll have to check out because I don’t want to reveal too much of the mystery!


Where do you see Grime as a genre going over the next 5 years with its new direction and sound?

I see it progressing as it always does to be fair. I’m not too sure what that means sonic-ally but that’s the amazing thing about Grime right now artists are embracing their different lanes and as oppose to some genres where the beats all sound the same. You can have 20 grime beats that sound completely different. I see Maxsta still being here in 5 years too most definitely!


If you could collaborate with any artist who would it be and why?

Drake. Lets just say I’m at a stage in life right now where I get where hes coming from when he talks about the female experience here and there, so I’ve been listening to a lot of his female/love records just to peep game and all that. Other than that Dizzee rascal.


Where can we catch Maxsta as this years festivals?

I’m at Boomtown & Outlook. A few more wranglings are coming in as we speak so watch this space!


Any words of wisdom for aspiring MC’s and artists looking to break it into the big wide world of urban music?

Be yourself. Fix up look sharp!


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