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Krabs 18/08/2018


This weeks podcast instalment comes from the London based king of ‘Wifey Cuts’, Grime producer & DJ, Krabs.


If you had to describe your unique ‘wifey cuts’ sound what would it be?

Well I guess its my use of vocals tracks really. It started in the beginning of 2017 & at that time I wanted to just find the isolated instrumentals & acapellas. Its a pain trying to find both for tunes that weren’t that big or didn’t get a single release. I really wanted to use vocals in my cuts & because all I could find was rather poor quality YouTube acapellas, I forgot about that & started looking at seeing what I could do with the vocal tracks. Downloading them is much easier & always 320kbps minimum quality. I then just do what everyone else does, time stretch, always pitch up regardless if its a male or female vocalist & work from there really. I listen through & if I hear a nice kick/snare with a vocal over it I start building off that. Sometimes I might have a kick with nothing over it so I will layer with something else in the sample, I do a lot of that at the moment. My riddims have a very standard 8 bar structure to them. As someone that likes chopping/blending when DJ’ing, makes it very easy to put in a mix.


What has been going down so far in 2018 for Krabs?

Well this year has been mad I cannot lie. I did a guest slot on Snoochie Shy’s Breakfast show, I was so nervous but managed to make it through the mix without a major slip & was blessed to play wifey riddims from my RNG lot to a big audience like that. Then I got featured in Trench as part of the Far East Sound Compilation EP, the reception to that tune was made & I don’t usually hide tunes from people so keeping that hush for a couple months I was excited. I also went to Bristol for Grace’s EP launch with Italdred not too recently recently & another blessed label that’s giving me notice. Its been a bit quieter lately as I am working on footwork tunes that I really can’t wait to share. Its got a grimier feel and have shared with a few people so far & got some good opinions back.

Krabs DJ Grime

How did you get involved with Kenyon Sound?

Matt from ClassicalTrax sent a DM on twitter one day & explained what project he had in mind. I wasn’t turning that down that’s for sure. Its been fun supporting the mix series as well as the releases. Only recently did I find we were featured in MixMag for the Polonis release & so I’m sure it’s the start of something big, trust me. There is a couple of other people behind the scenes with this project as we are looking to get a radio show soon to be able to push the support even more. Focusing on mainly instrumentals but there is a couple vocal projects being lined up, I’ve been told anyway.


What shows etc can our readers catch you on for the remainder of the year?

Not much in all honesty. I didn’t have a plan to do anything but things are falling in my lap so I’ve got to take those opportunities. I have close bonds with maybe 5/6 indie labels at the moment & there will be a release on all of them, whether its a single for a compilation or my own project. There will be an EP I’m sure of that. You have already heard one of the tunes somewhere but there is 3 more that I am just finishing though one is definitely finished. Can’t wait to complete as the concept/theme is sick & should tie all the tunes together nicely.

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