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Kenyon Sound 10/08/2018


We caught up with Matt Lutz from the Grime label, Kenyon Sound, for this weeks podcast installment.

What’s been going down so far this year for Kenyon Sound?

Kenyon Sound has been off to a quality start, we have some excellent projects in the works (MJK-2005 EP out August 16th) and we’re also working to put together a few more releases as the year rolls out including an edit pack from DJ Ces and a Zgjim remix ep. We have some other projects and artist EP’s scheduled as well I just can’t give to much away at the moment! Also a special s/o to Krabs and Tyler B who have been helping me out with the label!

Also we will be continuing with our radio show on Internet Public Radio, first episode featured Evilset and we have some other guests and some new names we want to introduce everyone to.


What were you doing before you got into Grime and what really drew you to it?

I discovered Grime in probably a weird way, I am from the United States so for me the only way I would be introduced to Grime was through the internet. I was really into indie rock/punk and alternative rap. I would listen to that on this website(real player) and one day it kept recommending this album by a artist called Dizzee Rascal, I was super lazy and never checked it out but noticed as was reading a Pitchfork article the album was reviewed and I read it, and then proceeded to listen to it and I was blown away. Not sure if I ever really understood when I listened it was Grime but I knew I needed more. I started trying to follow different forums and later I got into Wiley/Ruff Sqwad, Terror Danjah No Hats and No Hoodsand Butterz.

I really loved how it was authentic and it felt DIY to me like it wasn’t forced. I like how the instrumentals more tighter sometimes then the vocal versions and the scene was growing. Hip-Hop was my go to but that quickly changed after hearing Boy In Da Corner.

Kenyon Sound Grime Label

Which other artists have been on your radar so far for 2018 and why?

Grime is at a all time high currently in terms of instrumentals and I really think we have Boxed and radio to thank for that. I currently listen to a lot of Grandmixxer, JEB1, Polonis, MJK, Oil Gang, Spooky, General Courts and so on, as well as anything Grime Disciple or Future Curse recommend. Those two are probably two of the biggest supporters of Grime! I also like checking out Silver Drizzle’s channel or classic cuts as well current mixes he posts!


What kind of sneakers/clothes etc are you mostly into at the moment?

Clothes used to be a big thing for me. I used to be a massive streetwear fan after discovering Stray Rats, Bianca Chandon and Palace, mostly because of my love for sports and punk. I felt like all three brands really exuded the passion for music like no other. However the past few years, I really have moved away, sold a lot of my clothes and started putting money in to the label!


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