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Kami-O 02/06/2018


We caught up with the Glasgow based Grime DJ & producer, Kami-O, for our next podcast instalment.

Since the second wave of Grime really came into fruition, its been all about regional accents and artists. MC’s like Shogun & DJ’s like Kami-O have been flying the flag for Glasgow over the last few years, putting the Scottish city on the UK Grime radar.

Tell us more about your recently released Hyetek EP.

Me and GrimeDisciple had been planning to do an EP for ages, once I had the 3 tunes and the Defiant remix ready I knew it was GD I wanted to put it out through. I Wanted to make my first release of the year high energy since the next main project I’m dropping will be more laid back and hip-hop based. Expect that to drop sometime in August/September 2018.


Obviously there are artists like Shogun from Glasgow as well as yourself, who else is flying the flag for the Glasgow Grime scene?

The Scottish scene is definitely coming up more these days. Nights like Fuse run by Vaj.Power are really pushing the scene forward and Rapture 4D recently started his own night called Nocturnal. Aside from those nights you have artists like MFTM & BFDB (myself and Shoguns crews), K4cie, Chrissy Grimez, Polonis & Nova Scotia just to name a few. It’s cool seeing Grime getting more buzz and popularity around the city. It will be interesting to see where it goes in the next couple of years.


What shows etc can we catch you on over the coming months?

This month you can catch me at Flat 0/1 on the 7th June, the Art School on the 15th June for Fuse and in Edinburgh on the 22nd June. In July I’ve got a few more to announce soon then got Audio Soup festival with Shogun on the 20th.


How long have you been making tracks, spinning tunes, and how do you really get into it all?

I’ve been making tunes for about 5 years but only started taking it seriously 2 years ago. I’ve always wanted to do something creative as a career and music just seemed to be the right fit for me, especially once I got into DJing properly around 2016. I was out of the scene for a while but now that this EP’s out and I’m doing sets again I’m going to try to keep building the momentum and see where it gets me.

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