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Noughties Hooligan House & Bright White Trainers


If you were about in the early noughties you will remember somebody coining a new wave of electronic music as ‘Hooligan House’.

There have been a lot of different types of house music since it originated from the Chicago scene in the late 80’s. Popular styles such as funky house, tribal house, tech house & acid house roll off the tongue when you utter the words house music. Sounding something like Millwall away with Frankie Knuckles, what was ‘Hooligan House’ and where did it actually came from?

It was notable acts like the Audio Bullys who really started the whole sound with the name getting coined by music press at the time for not really been able to pigeon hole them as one particular style. It was loud in your face even punk like with house beats and influences from anything from garage, hip hop, bassline, house, dub, electronica, indie, 70’s disco and even reggae. Like grunge mixed heavy metal and punk, so called ‘Hooligan House’ mixed house beats with leary vocals and loud warping basslines. House music with an attitude that would sneak up behind you and bite you in your arse if you didn’t watch it.

Hooligan House Audio Bullys

Audio Bullys formed in 2001 in London and consisted of Simon Franks & Tom Dinsdale with some claiming they adopted a similar sound to the Stereo MC’s, albeit louder and more in your face. The Hooligan House anthem is most definitely ‘We Don’t Care’ by the Audio Bullys taken from their debut album ‘Ego War’. A track that couldn’t be more in your face if it tried and gained positive attention reaching number 15 in the UK singles chart and came as the most successful single released from the album.  The video follows a young hard looking ‘Hooligan’ kid around the streets of North London picking up pasties, pints and fights on his rounds. Other notable tracks from Ego War included ‘Way Too Long’, ‘The Things’, ‘Face in a Cloud’ & ‘Real Life’ which addressed the struggles and the lifestyles of the young living in the London borough estates at the time.

After Ego War, the Audio Bullys took a more electro sound following up with the 2005 banger ‘Shot You Down’ sampling the original Nancy Sinatra track from the second album Generation.

Other notable acts at the time were the Streets, although never really classed as Hooligan House and taking a more Garage sound the fashion was similar to the likes of Audio Bullys and the whole scene. Casual sportswear and bright white trainers were the thing with notable styles like the Reebok Workout’s and Nike Air Force 1’s in all white being popular silhouettes.

Alongside the likes of Basement Jaxx, The Audio Bully’s set the standard for the electronic dance music scene in the UK in the early noughties paving the way for artists like Calvin Harris & Example to reach the critically acclaimed stardom they have today. Tom Dinsdale left the group in 2012 but Simon Franks continues to tour as Audio Bullys.


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