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Dubzy 20/09/2019

Dubzy Grime

Our latest interview comes courtesy of the Grime-A-Side 2016 winner & UK rapper, Dubzy.

We caught up with Jesse James aka Dubzy, winner of Red Bull’s Grime-A-Side championship in 2016 with the Derby team. In 2015, Dubzy was also selected by the UK urban music radio presenter, Charlie Sloth, an an MC to watch out for.


Tell us what’s been going down for Dubzy so far this year?

Rah, a lot mate. I’ve pretty much spent this year working on new music. I’ve been shooting videos across Europe for my new project and its been sick tbh! Done a fair few ads, been modelling and just having fun with my work really. I’m in the studio and/or writing most of the time though.


2016 seems like ages ago now when you guys won Grime A Side, how do you think the UK scene has changed over the last 3 years?

Man, it’s grown! In the best ways possible. The UK finally ain’t relying on American music. Not that I don’t love US hip hop and all that but it’s sick looking at the UK top 20 now and seeing grime, trap, garage and drill all over it these days. I don’t think you can even call it underground anymore. The takeover has well and truly begun, haha!


Talk us through your new music, style and inspirations etc

I’ve got a lot coming out soon. I been working on just having fun with my music and blending all the sounds I grew up hearing. Obviously I am Grime; it’s just in my bones but I love soul, trap and US rap too. They all come through in my music these days so I just do me and focus on making my listeners feel good! The stuff I release next is just a developed/elevated version of who I’ve always been.

Dubzy Grime

Who have you enjoyed working with the most so far in 2019?

I been working with producers from all over really. Been working with a guy called Retnik out in Brussels quite a lot in particular; he’s helped my sound evolve quite a lot. I’ve enjoyed connecting with people like him. Connecting with people from around the world the best feeling for me personally. Working with my team has been good too.


Where can we catch Dubzy for the remainder of 2019?

I got some shows coming in Bristol, Brum, London, Notts, Manny and maybe a few others as well. I will keep you updated of course. A few around Europe too and I got some surprises on the way…

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