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DJ Scrivs 11/02/2018


Our next podcast instalment comes courtesy of Leicester’s very own, DJ Scrivs.

We caught up with the Midlands based Grime artist, DJ Scrivs, who hosts his own show on Radar Radio on the first Tuesday of every month from 2-4 AM. The up and coming Grime talent is certainly one to watch out for in 2018 with the news of new tracks and exclusive sets coming our way.

Scrivs Grime DJ

Give us some background how you got involved in the whole Grime DJ scene?

I was always around music with my parents going to festivals and free parties as a young kid, so I was always around different sound systems. But for the Grime side of things I used to mess about writing bars and stuff when I was young. I didn’t really take that very seriously so I started DJ’ing Grime in my bedroom and my mates flat most weekends from the age of like 14. I had some crap little decks that cost like £50, but its what we lived for after school. When I turned 17 or 18 I kind of felt like I wanted to take the DJ’ing a bit more seriously so I started a crew and we put on a few little nights in my area. From there I started getting a few more bookings and doing little online radio shows in Acton. Then by around January time 2017 I met DJ Argue started doing some 1 to 1 sessions with him and got my show on Radar Radio in March last year.


You recently did a B2B show with Slimzee on Radar Radio, how did that come about and what was it like to play alongside one of the godfathers of the whole Grime scene?

Yeah man that show was big! It was a massive moment for me to play alongside someone so influential to a scene that means a lot to me. Plus it was exciting because it kept me on my toes to match his tune selection. The show pretty much came about from just being at Radar a lot and getting sent tunes from Slimzee. I had met ‘Slim’ a couple of times down there, but then I flew out to Amsterdam with him and my mate Sid (ASIFKID) who’s a producer on Slimzee’s label to go to a rave they put on. I kept in touch with him when I got back home and text him to see if he was up for the show, he said yes so we sorted it out.


What’s the scene like in Leicester? Have you ever linked up with the likes of Kamakaze? And how would you say the whole regional appreciation thing over the last few years has changed how we see traditional grime?

To be honest the scene in Leicester isn’t massive but there are people putting in work that I know from the city its just a bit of a strange one round here. No, I’ve never actually linked up with Kamakaze, I’ve seen him at a few bookings and stuff but I know he’s a busy guy. I think Grime music coming from places out of London is sick because Grime its self is so diverse, so it gets its own style from the people making the music. But I know so many sick artists from London and just as many from across the country so it’s a lively time for the scene right now.


If you had to give us 5 of your favourite Grime instrumentals of all time what would they be and why?

• Alias – Gladiator 2
• Spooky- Spartan
• Filthy Gears – 10 Toes
• Maniac – Ugly
• J Sweet- Kerb

I chose these ones because I love the old school Grime sound, and a few bring back good memories for me. I had to mention Filthy though because the guy is literally a machine with his tunes and work rate. He’s one of my favourite producers at the minute, the list could go on though it was a hard choice to narrow it down to just 5.


What can we expect for the rest of 2018 from Scrivs?

More radio sets with some big guests plus the new features on my show where I do 20 minute mixes focusing on one producer only and a 20 minute section on Grime outside of London. A lot more of my own music as I’m going be in the studio more this year, I want to get my production side of things more proactive. Also got some good bookings lined up but can’t say too much now.


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