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Dave Verne 12/07/2018


We caught up with the London based Grime DJ & Sub FM radio host, Dave Verne, for this weeks podcast installment.

Tell us more about your residency and shows at Queen of Hoxton and Sub FM and where you want to take them over the coming year?

I’ve have had a number of residency’s up and down the UK for the past couple of years from ‘We Are Your Friends’ in Bournemouth, to Apex at Motion in Bristol and Audio Doughnuts at Fire//Lightbox in Vauxhall, some of which have been some really exciting line ups. The nights in Hoxton are very fun and the music fits perfectly to what I predominantly play right now, and what I enjoy playing the most, UK Garage & Grime. You can expect a blend of these two genres in most of my live sets with lots of unreleased and exclusive dub’s as well as a lot of nostalgia. I will always draw for something unexpected from the early 90’s to the early 00’s.

My radio show is every fourth Saturday on Sub FM from 7-9pm. I have only really started putting the work into this for the past 3 months and I’ve already noticed the difference in people locking in and the feedback. I constantly have special guest MC’s and DJ’s to switch things up and generally try to bring back the authentic pirate radio element to my shows and more often than not the listeners locked in have mentioned this. The Sub FM family have been great to me and it’s a great platform to start off with, but it’s only really a stepping stone towards my bigger goals, as much as I’ve been playing out for a long while I’m genuinely only just getting started now. I have a lot more solo stuff planned for the rest of the year and a few interesting side projects outside of DJ’ing, without giving away too much info I’d just like to say, watch this space.

Dave Verne Grime DJ

What really drew you the Grime instrumental side of things and which artists do you still look up?

I’ve been a fan of Grime for a long time. I remember watching it slowly change from UK Garage to Grime when I used to bunk off secondary school and spend all my pocket money, paper round, and dinner money on vinyl, and all at the ripe young age of 12/13 years old. I would starve at school all week and save it all up to get a train to Uptown Record’s in Soho for all the latest white labels from DJ Cameo. I know a lot of people speak about Rhythm Division and I did go there as well but for me the hub was always Uptown Records. I saw so many of my idols in that shop and would actually wait in there for producers to come in so I could get a glimpse of what they looked like. Although I stopped playing Grime out in the clubs for a few years I always still regularly checked for the scene online. It wasn’t until the past 3 months I started getting back into in and investing into the sound again, and I feel like I’ve progressed so much in this short space of time.

There are way too many artists on the instrumental side of Grime that I’m rating at the moment, but I’ll just shout out a few I’ve been battering lately. Kotei Sound’s for me he is very fresh but still nostalgic with it, Laizu I have been smashing 3-4 of his tunes in all my mixes they’re always so choppy and fun to mix and you can definitely tell he has a DJ’s ear when it come’s to his productions. Krabs (formerly Mr Krab’s) is the king of the wifey riddim’s right now for me he literally take’s any RnB track and turn’s it into something so fresh I don’t think I’ve put any mix out this year without at least one of his tracks in it.

What’s your favourite mixing kit at the moment and why?

Mixing wise for me right now you can not beat 2x CDJ 2000 Nexus and the DJM 900 mixer. I’ve always preferred Pioneer over Allen & Heath when it come’s to mixers for both effects and quality. I’ve never really got into the controllers, I prefer CDJ’s or even just Technic’s as that’s what I first started with, 2 turntable’s and a pioneer mixer.

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