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AS.IF KID 30/03/2018


We caught up with the highly respected Grime DJ, producer and Radar Radio host, AS.IF KID, for our next Podcast installment.

As far as the whole UK Grime DJ and production scene goes, AS.IF KID is certainly a name to watch out for. Acting like a kind of pillar to the Grime DJ/production community with close relationships to other notable artists such as Slimzee and Argue, AS.IF KID can be heard on the national air waves via his guest show on Radar Radio as well as dropping dark instrumentals on Slimzos Recordings & Rotpot Records.


So first of all give us some background how you got into the whole Grime/Garage scene?

It all started when I was studying music industry as a module for my Audio Production Degree at the University of Lincoln. I was taking part in an exchange trip to Minnesota State University in Moorhead (MSUM). I had already been making tunes every day on my Macbook using logic since my second year of college. I had always been a fan of DJ Slimzee, since finding him when at I was at school on YouTube etc. I decided to send him some beats thinking what is there to lose! He was on NTS Radio at the time and I think the first batch of beats he played are on my soundcloud page. One of the tunes was called Blood Stained. This was back in 2014 times and I was still learning about making tunes.

From then on in I came back from Minnesota back to Lincoln. After speaking with DJ Slimzee via text & email I initiated meeting up. So I went down to his yard in East London, that’s where I first met DJ Argue, Sirpixalot and Kave Jonson. We started to become really good pals, and I went down quite regularly with these guys to NTS Radio. Argue introduced me to Radar and the whole notion of DJ’ing on Radio. Since then, the rest has since developed through coming to Radio, eventually getting a show on Radar and this morphed into having a regular opportunity to have a mix. Slim has since got a show on Rinse FM and I’ve been on there mixing as a guest for him, as well as being a guest for Logos. Through my time knowing Slimzee, I have been involved in the Slimzos Recordings relaunch, meeting DJ Garna, as well as the Rotpot Records Launch (Slimzos Sister Label). I’m constantly being introduced to people in the scene (Both Grime and Garage) through Slimzee, as well as DJ Argue. Things are still developing now, I have a whole host of stuff coming out with Slimzos/Rotpot, my own Bandcamp (which I’m still in the process of setting up) as well as doing projects with Argue and Radar Radio. I really have to say a big thanks and a big up to DJ Slimzee , Argue and all of the music family (you know who you are) for helping me develop my skills as a producer and DJ and giving me a platform for it all!


Although there are a lot of similarities between Garage and Grime there also big differences, what’s your favourite characteristics from both genres.

My favourite characteristics from Grime involve the whole idea of producing new/cutting edge sounds that bang in a club as well as being technically difficult to produce. I Started off making quite dark stuff, and still do make dark stuff, but have since learned more about the structure of tracks and how to get more musical ideas into a tune. I have always been and always will be a lover of heavy basslines, that are dark and hard to reproduce and love the element of surprise also when you don’t expect some of the mad drops you hear in sets and in clubs. I’ve always been a big fan of the futuristic, gloomy/ghetto sub frequencies.

Garage music for me is a whole different kinda feeling that I get from listening to it. I love the drums in Garage, that early swingy flex sound. It kinda crosses over with Grime in some places, for instance people like EL- B who I met with Slimzee, we went up to Leeds Beaverworks together they played a set, them kinds of tunes are muckpot in the same kinda way our side of Grime is that same kind of futuristic material. The whole vibe from the old skool Garage sound is sick, I much prefer the rarer tunes that you might hear occasionally and think what is this. I only like a few of the bait tunes but really, they’ve been rinsed in my opinion.


Give is some info about what about you have going down for the rest of 2018 and when we can catch you on Radar Radio?

Well, I’ve got lots of stuff planned for 2018. I’m Playing at the Outlook Festival in September alongside Slimzee, Trends & Boylan. We have a Mean Streets x Slimzos stage out there, which is really exciting. I think there’s some promotional events over here in England to do with Outlook Festival, such as one at The Egg on the 1st of April.

I have some raves booked, such as one with Sonny Green in Chinnerys on the 28th April to promote our forthcoming EP called “Unfinished business”. That’s coming on Hostage Records. There’s Rotpot 001 which has a tune by Slimzee and Myself called “Bumbaclit”. The name is a running joke between us, it’s a duby kinda tune, very dark and sinister that one, alongside; Gizmo – Untitled, Garna – 888, Policy – Nightstalke . That will be a big one! Got lots of collabs to watch out for with P Jam, Trends, Slimzee, Jlsxndr7s & More.

As for the show on Radar, I’m gonna be doing some guest mixes etc on there as well as having a new slot for a more regular thing being announced very soon.


What’s your favourite mixing/production kit and why?

I love to use Native instruments Komplete stuff, particularly using Reaktor 6. That’s my all time favourite because I love the versatility of the sound design capabilities, you can more or less do anything in Reaktor.

I also like to use my Roland Td-6V electronic drum kit for making drum sounds, and a MicroKorg Synthesiser for making patches. The sound of hardware stuff is quite rich and I love to get outside of the box making music. I also use maschine sometimes but never always.

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